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Guy Zagursky is well-known for his diverse objects and installations, using a wide spectrum of figurative and abstract images and drawing from various cultural fields - from literature to wrestling. 

The spirits of Brancusi, Thelonious Munk and Mike Tyson are likely to find themselves together in Zagursky's shows, demonstrating an artistic practice that mostly resembles improvising in music. Zagursky himself uses the term "groove" in order to explain the sense of rhythm he's trying to realize in his works. 

The main motivation behind Zagursky's installations is to create a meeting point that conveys excitement and joy, a space that allows the viewer to step away from reality for a moment, then come back with a different sense of presence. 

"I think my practice is mainly about playing. Sometimes I start playing with an idea of a certain form or material and all of a sudden it becomes a work that deals with a serious issue. But it never starts with a topic. So for me, making sculptures is kind of the same as playing my bass guitar, or surfing."


Zagursky's works are exhibited in museums, galleries and various art venues in Israel, Europe and the US. Born in 1972, he lives and works in Tel-Aviv.

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